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This Cookie Policy can be found in the website’s Privacy Policy Through cookies and/or other monitoring technologies, It aims to disclose the procedures to collect the information provided by users, when they visit this website at the address

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General information about cookies and other monitoring technologies

Cookies are used in some areas of our website. Cookies are files that store information on hard drives or browsers, they consent to check if a user has visited the website many times. Using Cookies is possible to understand which pages, in the website, are the most visited and for how long. Through these data, the website could be more responsive to the user’s requests and easier to browse. For example, in a future visit, cookies ensure that the information available on the website will respond to the user’s preferences.

The user can also manage cookies’ preferences through the browser. In case the type and the version of the browser is unknown, click on “Help” (on the top of the browser’s window) for necessary information. In case the browser is known, to reach the cookie management page, click the links below:

General information on the rules about the consent to use cookies

The Italian Laws (Art. 122 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 “Code regarding personal data’s protection” hereinafter briefly “Code”) has introduced the Community Directive 2009/136/EC which requires that website managers (who use cookies or other monitoring technologies) have to inform the user about any type of cookie used by the website.

The Legislative Provision of the Guarantor n. 299 for the protection of personal data ( on May 8th 2014) published on the G.U. n. 126 on June 3rd 2015, divided cookies in two categories: ‘technical’ cookies and ‘profiling’ cookies.

Technical Cookies
technical cookies are used to carry out the transmission of a communication on an electric communication network, or by a provider of an information society to give a service requested by a subscriber or a user.
Technical cookies are installed directly by the owner/operator of the website and can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the ordinary use of the website (For example, to make a purchase or to access to restricted areas); analytics cookies, used directly by the owner/operator to collect information about the number of users and how they visit the website; functionality cookies, which allow the user to browse according to selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided. To install these cookies, the user consent is not required.
Profiling Cookies
Profiling cookies are aimed to create user profiles. They are intended to send advertising messages based on user’s preferences during the browse. Since these cookies may invade the user’s privacy, according to the European and Italian law, the user must be informed about their use and express his valid consent.
They refer to art. 122 of the Privacy Code: the information filing of a contractor/user or the access to stored information is allowed only if the contractor/user has given his consent after being properly informed.

In the Measure n. 299 issued on May 4th 2014, the Guarantor has categorized cookies according to the processor of personal data, collected by cookies. There are first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

First-party cookies
These cookies are managed by the owner of the website. For these cookies, the owner of the website has the disclosure obligation. The owner also has to indicate how to block the cookies.
Third-party cookies
These cookies are managed by a third person other than the owner of the website. For these cookies, the third person is in charge of the disclosure obligation and to give instructions about how to block the cookies. The owner of the website has to indicate the link of the website where this information is available.

For both type of cookies (first-party and third-party) the consent expression (the consent is necessary if it is a profiling cookie) takes place through a special banner on the homepage of the website.

Characteristics of the cookies used by this website

The following section of this Cookie Policy describes the list of Technical Cookies used by this website, the use of these cookies does not require the user’s consent.

Types of cookies used by this website
Technical Cookies
Cookies NameFunctionExpiration (or session)First or third partFor third-party cookies there is a link to the third party’s cookie policy.
DisplayDivasCookiesBanner Confirms acceptance of the website policy 1 Year First
Used by Google Analytics to generate anonymous statistical data about how the user browses the website. 2 Years
1 Day
1 Day
Third Google Analytics
(more details)
It is set up by the Hotjar service. These cookies are necessary for the aggregation of visits on the website pages. Session
2 Years
10 Years
Third Hotjar Heat Maps and Recordings
(more details)
Types of cookies or third-party tools

Some of the services listed below collect statistics data in anonymous form. They may not require the User’s consent or could be managed directly by the Owner – depending on what is described – without the help of third parties.
If among the tools indicated below there were services managed by third parties, these could –in addition to what is specified and without the knowledge of the Owner- perform User tracking activities. For more information, consult the privacy policies of the services listed.

Browse’s statistics and technical management

the computer systems acquire some personal data while they are operating for the website. The personal data transmission is implicit since the use of internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to identify the user, even if through processing and association data owned by third parties, they could allow users’ identification. These data are, for example: IP addresses or the computer names used by users who browse the website, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources required, the characteristics of the browser used, the screen’s resolution of the device used to run the browser and other parameters . These data are used to obtain anonymous statistical information about the use and the proper functioning of the website.; the data are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to verify liability, in case of computer crimes against the website.

Google Analytics with anonymous IP (Google Ireland Limited)

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: Ireland – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook pixels) (Facebook, Inc.)

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: United States – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Platform and hosting service

These services consent to host and operate the key components of this website, they allow the delivery of this website from a single platform. These platforms provide to the Owner a wide range of tools, such as analytical tools, to manage users registration, to manage comments and databases, for electronic commerce etc. The use of these tools involves the collection and processing of Personal Data.

SPAM Protection

These services analyze the traffic of this website containing Users’ Personal Data, in order to filter it from messages and content recognized as SPAM.

Google reCAPTCHA (Google Ireland Limited)

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: Ireland – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Interaction with the social network Facebook

These services allow the interaction with social networks directly from the pages of this website. The information acquired by this website are subject to the user’s privacy settings related to each social network. It is recommended to disconnect from the social network to avoid that the data processed on this website may refer to the user’s profile.

‘Like’ button and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: United States – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Interactions with live chat platforms

These services allow the interactions with live chat platforms, managed by third parties, directly from this website. The User can contact the support service of this website.
Even if the users do not use the service, the Usage Data related to the browse pages are collected.

Facebook Messenger Customer Chat (Facebook, Inc.)

Personal data processed: Cookie, communicated Data while using the service, Usage Data

Place of treatment: United States – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Viewing content form external platforms

These services allow to view and interact with content present on external platforms directly from the pages of this website. This service may collect data about web traffic related to the pages where the service is installed, even without the users. It is recommended to disconnect from the platforms to avoid that the data processed on this website may refer to the user’s profile.

Widget Google Maps (Google Ireland Limited)

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: Ireland – Privacy Policy

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Advertising, Remarketing, and Behavioral Targeting

These services allow to use the User’s Data for commercial communication purposes in advertising, considering the User’s interests. Some services use cookies or other identifiers to identify the user. They could use also the behavioral retargeting technique: personalized advertisements based on the interests or behavior of the User, also detected outside of this website.

Remarketing Facebook and similar and personalized Facebook audience (Facebook, Inc.)

This service, provided by Facebook, Inc., uses the collected data to show advertisements to users with a similar behavior, based on their previous use of this website.

Personal data processed: Cookies and usage data

Place of treatment: United States – Privacy Policy - Opt-Out

The user who joined the Privacy Shield

Heat mapping and session recording

These services identify which area of the website have been touched by a mouse cursor or a click.
These services are used to monitor and analyze traffic data and to keep track of User’s behavior.

Hotjar Heat Maps and Recordings (Hotjar Ltd.)

Hotjar respects the generic “Do Not Track” headers. This means that the browser can teach to the script not to collect any User’s Data. More information on the Hotjar opt-out is available here.

Personal data processed: Cookie; different types of data as specified in the service’s privacy policy.

Place of treatment: Malta - Privacy Policy - Opt-Out

This website does not exchange cookies with external sites or external data providers.

This website contains links or references to access to other websites and/or social networks. The Owner does not control the cookies /monitoring technologies of other websites to which this Cookie Policy does not apply.

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