Apulia: sun, wind, sea, green plateaus and green expanses. The most important thing here it’s the agriculture and the raw materials’ quality must be excellent.

Soft and durum wheat 100% from Apulia. Flours and semolina,  obtained from the best soft and durum wheat grown on the slopes of Castel del Monte. Agricola del Sole’s products are made from these raw materials, whose fragrances and colors recall the scent of the genuine wheat and the yellow of the sun that warms Apulia. 

Apulian native olives from cultivars. The olive trees have the main role in the apulian countryside. The Olive trees  have  centuries-old roots and the golden product obtained from their fruits is a master piece for the  apulian economy.  Even nowadays, the “olives harvest time”  involves entire apulian families, to obtain the precious extra virgin olive oil, such as the one of “Coratina” cultivars:  its bitter aftertaste and a mild tingling sensation give a special value to any dish. In Apulia there are also Peranzana and Carolea cultivars and Masseria Faraona uses theirs olives to produce gourmet oils.

Grapes of apulian native vines. Ancient and legendary vines that Masseria Faraona uses to product its wines Uva di Troia, Pampanuto, Bombino Bianco, Bombino Nero, important products of the apulian wine tradition. Following the “row” mode, the vineyards are cared in every season and phases, as real living creatures. The harvest time is reached when each matured grain has a good sugar level, to allow the alcoholic fermentation and guarantees a good alcoholic degree to the wine.  This is how the prestigious Masseria Faraona red, white and rosé wines are produced.