Alta Murgia, Apulia. A land in love with the agriculture.

Here the peasant culture has been handed down for centuries and has been renewed for generation. Here there are Agricola del Sole and Masseria Faraona’s lands cultivated with olive groves, vineyards, arable lands and orchards, many of them included in the Alta Murgia National Park. This park was born in 1998, it is extended for 60,077 hectares and involves 13 Apulian districts (BARI and BAT’s provinces).

Hills, sinkholes, rocky crests, caves, blades, etc. are some expressions of this territory, once populated by human settlements. Today it is almost uninhabited, but constantly in evolution.

This land is full of expanses of wheat, olive trees and vineyards cultivations. Its calcareous soil is suitable to give live to high quality products: the soft and durum wheat, the extra virgin olive oil of “Coratina” cultivar, red, white and rosé wines obtained from native vines (Bombino Bianco, Bombino Nero, Uva di Troia, Pampanuto).

The Castel del Monte, an ancient castel built by Emperor Fredrick II of Swabia, gives a suggestive atmosphere to these lands. It stands on an hill, in the heart of the Alta Murgia Park and It looks like a guardian who watches over the territory from above.